The visionary entrepreneur Mr.Murugan, Founder and MD of Mani Maligai shares the secret of Mani Maligai’s success

Initial Days

Being an ardent believer in saving habits, I have started selling grocery items to the nearby community with an investment of Rs.5, 000, which I have saved from my salary. My uncle Mr.Muthiah Nadar also helped me in my initial venture.

First Shop

Soon, I could able to gain the goodwill of my customers – thanks to my commitment, hard work and honest practices. In 1979, we have started our first grocery store in Kollapatti – Kaliyapuram, Pollachi.

Low price and supreme quality

Low price and supreme quality is our mantra, which enabled us to gain the affection and support from the local community. Moreover, I’m always driven by philanthropic moves and have a consistent desire to do something good for the society. That’s why we have sold our groceries for low prices rather than trying to reap profits.

Business Strategy

We paid ready cash to purchase items in bulk from the wholesale merchants. This has helped us to sell our groceries at low prices to our customers. Today, we have more than 20,000 consistent customers purchasing regularly from us.

Future Plans

Many of our customers have insisted about opening up a super market soon, which is something similar to Wal-Mart. We are planning to go for such a big initiative and started doing our groundwork already.

Tech-Savvy Initiatives

Android App facilities, ordering through WhatsApp, Toll-free number, Face book, etc., are some of the technology-focused initiatives that we have brought in for the benefit and convenience of our customers.